Adam On Krank Strength

I’m the first to admit I haven’t always been the most in-shape person.  I struggled with my weight in high school and through college and never found a routine that kept me at my goal weight.  I constantly monitored my weight on a daily basis, and always thought to myself, “more cardio… more cardio.”  Since I started focusing on strength training, two major things have happened.  The first is that I feel much happier in my body and have been able to maintain it over a long period of time without fluctuating.  The second is that I literally threw away my scale.  I don’t focus on a goal weight because I don’t need to.  I know that if I keep up my strength training, I’m going to be happy looking at myself in the mirror every day, and “the number” doesn’t matter.
Getting to this point was a challenge.  I was like many people at first.  I didn’t really know how to “lift” and didn’t want to look stupid at a gym.  So, I started with a personal trainer and strength training classes.  The results were greater than I ever thought they could be.  I burned way more calories than before, I increased my mood and energy levels, clothes looked better on me, I got more attention… So many things.
Now that I’m comfortable with strength training, I can and do workout on my own.  But, I never get as much out of it as when I train with a group or in a class.  Having other people to motivate you makes you push harder, train faster, and achieve goals sooner.  At Krank strength classes, I see people pushing themselves every day, much harder than they could push themselves on their own.  I’m amazed at how the group atmosphere really motivates and excites people to see that they can make their body do more than they thought it could.  Seeing people leave the gym with a look of confidence on their face that says “I just did that” is probably my favorite part of training at Krank, and I get to see it every class.