KrankFIT Cycle & Cycle-50

For us, a great ride all begins with music. KrankFIT Instructors are super serious about curating a musical journey that amps up a strong ride. Our rides have strictly fixed elements to elevate your endurance and get you breathless, but each instructor brings in mega personality which makes no ride the same. Getting locked in to a rhythm make your work stronger in a drill and the hour flies by in a flash. Getting into that zone that sweats out the stresses of life is the reason why KrankFIT has developed a reputation for offering the most addicting cycle class in Nashville.

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KrankFIT Strength

Looking to build lean muscle and bust out calories at the same time? Interval Training with KRANK STRENGTH. Our classes utilize TRX suspension training, sandbags, dumbbells and body weight to provide a rewarding workout. Class size is small (limited to 14 people), which allows our trainers to provide close guidance in form and performance.

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KrankFIT 30/30 Cardio/Power

If you're the kind of person who enjoys a workout that focuses on cross training, the 30/30 is just for you! This class includes 30 minutes of cycle followed by 30 minutes of strength. With the 30/30 class, you get all the benefits of KrankFIT cycle's endurance and KrankFIT strength's HIIT, delivering the true meaning of a cross training workout. Crushing calories and boosting your body's energy.

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